As all my ceremonies are unique to my individual clients, we need to discuss your requirements in order to establish a reasonable fee for my service to you.

Travel Costs:  Unless the return journey from my home is more than 150 km, there will be no charge for travel expenses.

Anything over that in the state of Victoria would need to be negotiated between us and if the distance is significant then overnight accommodation charges would be included.

For interstate travel we would need to ascertain and discuss the costs

Payment Terms:

A deposit of 50% of the mutually agreed fee is required to secure your booking for a wedding.

The balance of the invoice must be paid in full no later than 10 days prior to the date of the ceremony.

If the ceremony is a funeral, then the invoice will be sent to the appropriate person on completion of the ceremony.


Refund Policy:

If you cancel your booking 14 days prior to the ceremony date, all payments made, with the exception of the deposit, will be refunded in full.

If you cancel your booking within 13 days of the ceremony, no refund will be applicable.

If the celebrant has to cancel your booking for what ever reason, a full refund of all payments will be made.